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No but if helps go for it, usually a ppi proton pump inhibitor like prilosec more powerful but if caused it with too much alcohol or pain meds like aspirin or aleve advil in heavy doses or worst yet smoking stop it all; keep stools soft with prune juice, fruits.

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Some products that may interact with this drug include. cilostazol.clopidogrel.methotrexate (especially high-dose treatment).rifampin.St John’s wort.

Maintenance Of Healing Of Erosive Esophagitis (Adults and Pediatric Patients)

You should contact your doctor immediately or seek emergency medical help if you experience any of the following severe side effects. Rash.hives.or itching Swelling of the face.throat.tongue.lips.eyes.hands.feet.or lower legs Hoarseness Breathing or swallowing difficulties Extreme fatigue Fast.irregular.or pounding heartbeat Dizziness or lightheadedness Muscles spasms Seizures Uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body Diarrhea with watery stools Fever Stomach pain.

Proton pumps are enzymes found in the parietal cells of prilosec price walgreens stomach. They make hydrochloric prilosec price walgreens.the main ingredient of stomach acid.

Long-term use of PPIs has also been associated with low levels of magnesium (hypomagnesemia). Analysis of patients taking PPIs for long periods of time showed an increased risk of heart attacks.

People may want to ask their doctor about Prilosec alternatives. These may include other classes of drugs. People may be able to treat heartburn with antacids or H2 blockers.

Long-term use of PPIs has also been associated with low levels of magnesium (hypomagnesemia). Analysis of patients taking PPIs for long periods of time showed an increased risk of heart attacks.

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